Is your DIY’ed website keeping you from landing clients?

Let’s renovate your website and get those dream clients lining up to work with you.

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Your business has grown or pivoted some (um thanks pandemic)... but your website keeps getting pushed to the back burner.

You know your clients are expecting it to look high end, but you have no time, or desire to mess with it yourself anymore.

It’s time to invest in a professional website and use your energy to do what you’re best at.

(which definitely isn’t websites, right?!)
Just Imagine...
  • Easily swapping out a picture when you go to update your portfolio. 

  • Having NO plugins to update or a nasty-looking admin area to figure out?

  • Having a website that clearly leads people to booking your services?

  • Your website looking so good your dream clients feel like you had them in mind the entire time (duh-because we did!)

  • All the things you'll DO with that extra mental space you'll have knowing a friendly team of experts is building your website for you!

What if you had a website you love, built just for you and your clients, that’s simple to edit and showcases the work you’re amazing at?


Website Renovation

For 8 weeks we’ll work with you to plan, design, and develop a new beautiful and strategic website that lands you more clients and feels exactly like home.

After working in the design industry for 11+ years I realized the piece that’s missing in most websites (and design-related projects in general) is strategy.

No plans, no goals. Just Pinterest and a mood board… is where most designers start. 

Good news… we're not 'most designers' and we continually enforce a strategic approach so that your dream client is front and center of every decision we make together.

We start with strategic goals for your website and design from there.

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During Website Renovation we work through 4 phases together

Our entire process is laser-precise and happens specifically in this order for rock-solid results.

Here’s exactly what to expect from start to finish.

Phase One

Kickoff Strategy

  • We’ll diagnose the problems with your current website.
  • Then we map out goals for your new website and layout exactly what it needs.
  • We'll work with you to identify what pages, integrations, and content you need.
Phase Two

Assemble Content

  • You’ll get access to our simple content collecting guides to fill in.
  • You bring your logos, professional images, and copywriting guide.
  • We’ll strategically curate the best of your content so that your website is cohesive in style and consistent in its message to meet your goals.
Phase Three

Design & Create Your Website

  • We’ll work through a series of wireframes and mockups (designers speak for previews of the website) so that you know exactly what it will look like.
  • Clients get 2 rounds of revisions
  • We bring over past blogs and portfolios and set those up too! 
  • The entire website is built using Webflow. It’ll look amazing on every device!
Phase four

Launch & Grow

  • We’ll get any remaining integrations hooked up like an email opt-in you’re ready to promote. 
  • We test all your links and set up your domain so people land in the right place. 
  • Impress Google with basic SEO taken care of.
  • We’ll supply on brand launch graphics for your favorite social platform.
  • Clients are given tailored training videos and support for 30 days with the option to stick with us for future updates if you’d like.

I also teach my signature design process to other website designers. 

Due to the time and attention we give to our custom website clients, we only work on a select few projects at a time to ensure the highest quality designs and development. This ensures our clients and students are well supported and happy.

Ready to renovate your website?

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A new professional website is not only a business investment, but also an investment in yourself that provides extra confidence, builds trust with potential clients, and results in a rockstar first impression for your brand and business. We talk design solutions with you based on the objectives for the project and the problems you’re looking to solve with a website. Typically our clients invest between $4,500-$8,500 for a fully custom website build.

The first step is to fill out an application.

After we review your application we'll schedule a call to talk more about your project.

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“You thought about EVERYTHING! You kept my client in mind the whole time and were able to think of things I didn’t. My site is perfect and better than I could’ve ever expected.”

Stephanie Stremler

I promise all my clients...

An Organized Process

A Collaborative Approach

A Website You Love

I know you might be thinking...

So what exactly is Webflow?

Webflow is a website platform similar to others you may have heard of like WordPress or Squarespace or Wix. But the big difference in Webflow vs other platforms is that we’re able to build anything we want, without writing any code. Even for really complex websites. On Webflow there’s no ugly dashboard or admin panel, you’re left with a super simple, clean, and easy to operate website. Which means, once we've finished making your website strategic and beautiful, you have FULL capability of updating information as needed. No expensive ongoing web maintenance fee required!

You know your business better than anyone.

This is why we have you bring your content to the table early on in the process. If you’re not ready to use our guides for things like copywriting you’re welcome to hire another pro to handle that, but we’re confident you’re the best person to write about your business. We’ll read over everything and let you know anything that sticks out to us or would detract from your website goals.

You just need your current website “fixed”.

We compare this to remodeling vs new construction. The truth is, in any industry there’s not really a huge benefit to starting with something existing. Oftentimes it presents challenges you didn’t even know you had. With a new build, we’ll start from the beginning and plan things out so that your clients are top of mind from day one. You’ll get to see the designs come to life and the end result will be 100x better than adding bandaids to the existing problem.

We only need a ‘simple’ website.

In our years of experience, it’s actually much more work to create a simple design than it is to let everything clutter up the pages. We love simple websites. We also know they take a lot of intention and planning to make and keep them that way. We promise all of our clients the same, streamlined process, whether they need a simpler website or a more complex one.

Website Renovation is perfect for busy, successful service providers who would rather have a professional handle the design and build of their website.

  • Your clients value your work and you in turn value the work of others.
  • You see the benefit in having someone else come alongside you, tell you what should go where and how many words it needs.
  • You’re busy with work you’re good at (which isn’t web design).
  • You’re confident you’re losing money trying to do this yourself.

Our expertise, processes, and packages are a great fit for interior designers, coaches, photographers, therapists, consultants, and other creative service providers.

So who’s in charge around here?

Hi, I’m Jennifer Sanjines.

I introduce myself as Jennifer but I mostly go by Jenn and also mom. 

I’m the owner and lead designer at Site Maker Studio. I’ve been designing and building in some form or fashion my entire life. The floor plans I drew as a 10 year old turned into a love of figuring out how things fit together and how to make the most of a “space”. Woodworking has been another hobby of mine that revolved around function and design.

My degree is actually in commercial interior design and I’ll admit, architecture school was hard, but also a ton of fun.

I've gained the ability to apply my design knowledge to the web, where just like in building, there are constraints, people need to get from one place to another, and the look and feel a space can often be the difference in a failed or successful business.

Scherrie Schock Student in Design and Grow with Webflow course for web designers learning webflow

I’m not a fan of doing #allthethings. Plus, business is way more fun with a team!

Meet Scherrie, this lovely lady keeps this mama in line and together we dream up amazing solutions for our clients.

At the end of Website Renovation you’ll have a beautiful and strategic online home that’ll attract more of those all time favorite clients.

Common questions I get asked

let me put your mind at ease

Do you provide our website words?

I'm a firm believer that you know your business best. That being said, I get it, writing about your business can be tricky. I've got an amazing copywriting guide doc that will guide you through writing content strategically for each page of your website. We'll go over your writing and make suggestions before turning it into a design. We've also got professional copywriters we can recommend if you're wanting a truly hands off approach.

Can you design us a logo?

Clients are required to have their branding in place before our projects can begin. This includes a logo. We have a few branding experts we can recommend if you're needing a new logo or updated branding.

Will you move my blog content into my new website?

Yes! We sure will. We'll talk strategically about how to do this to keep your SEO rankings and URLs the same so that you don't lose any traffic getting to those precious blog posts.

How many clients do you work with at one time?

We typically work with 1 client at a time plus our course students. Our role ends up looking like an entire creative director for your project and that takes time and attention that we can't give if we serve 10 clients at once. Know that you'll be well taken care of by our small team!

What is considered Branding?

We do expect clients to have their branding in place. This includes logos, colors, and fonts that they regularly use for their business. If you'd like to update any of these, we can discuss that on an intro call. Often times we update colors and fonts to make them more appropriate for the website, but logos and key brand pieces need to be brought by the client.

When can we start?

Our strategy phase takes a few weeks so we give clients at minimum one month to prepare their content and strategize with us about the new website. Typically we start projects 1-3 months after an initial call.

The first step is to fill out an application.

After we review your application we'll schedule a call to talk more about your project.

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