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photo of Jennifer Sanjines creator of Design and Grow with Webflow a  designer process and development course for web designers

Perfect your Process

Design without Limitations

Master using Webflow

true story

You need both the process and the design skills to run a successful website design business. 

Let's do this!
woman thinking on a bench about website design with laptop
I’m going to take a guess...

You’re holding back because of development...

You can draw up unique designs but you hesitate because you know you can’t actually build what you just drew (especially with the drag and drop plugin you're currently using).

Your process is hacked together...

You’re overwhelmed with the dozens of screenshots you’ve taken from all your competitors websites of their processes and how they do things. But you can’t seem to pull it together and make it work for you. 

You’re lacking confidence in your web skills...

Branding, graphics, you got this… but web (meh) you thought it would super easy to just add on “website design” and start offering it along with your services.

You’re frustrated looking for answers...

You spend time Googling CSS snippets for Squarespace. You add more and more plugins to WordPress to get the exact right widget. In the end you wish you could just get the site you build to look like the one you imagined for your client.

So it makes me wonder...If that ideal client DM’d you today about their website, what would you say? 

my guess is you'd say yes

and then...

The initial spiral kicks in of scattered docs and pdfs that currently make up your "onboarding" process.

You send them your questionnaire to learn allllllllll about their business, their avatar's favorite color, and where they love to shop. (Because that is TOP NOTCH INFO 😉 when you're designing a website... at least you were told so).

You roughly sketch out a layout by hand based on all the Pinterest pins they sent you. A great designer always listens to their client after all.

You've got a design, they love it, now time to implement...

"Oh shoot that looked so cool in my drawing, but that's not a block in Squarespace sooooo I guess I'll change it just a bit."

Scherrie Schock Student in Design and Grow with Webflow course for web designers learning webflow
Past Students

"I was not in love with using WordPress or Squarespace, but I fell in love with Webflow!"

I've been wanting to learn web design for quite awhile. I've built sites in Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace but I just wasn't in love with any of them. I had looked at Webflow, but not yet dug into learn it. After Jenn's course I can honestly say I have found my platform and I am confident in my skills and excited to build sites for clients in Webflow.

Scherrie Schock

we know how you feel

Maybe you’re fed up with the limitations of Squarespace . Maybe you’re tired of waiting on your WordPress developer to crank out the site you handed them 2 months ago. 

Maybe you love the other platforms you work with and you just want to add another platform.

You might be just starting out or maybe you have some gaps in your client process and overall your skills just need to be sharpened, so you can command higher prices for the work you’re doing.

Good news friend, we’re about to tackle the process piece AND the technical design and build, and I’ve created something with both new and established designers just like you in mind.

As my 4 year old says...

“Let’s pretend for just a minute”  

  • You confidently tell clients “of course I can build your website” because you know you have the web design skills (and solid client process) to back it up.
  • You have a repeatable, streamlined process for client projects, meaning no more starting from scratch and wasting time (that you have exactly zero extra of).
  • Running a business that contributes to your family’s income and frees up your lifestyle for stuff like guiltless Home Goods trips, lunch dates with friends, and warm sunny vacations... without the laptop.
  • Checking your DMs and seeing that dream client messaging you asking how they can schedule a call with you.
  • Working with clients that not only trust you as the expert but also want your creative direction on their brand and business. Bye-bye pixel pushing projects!

The only program that teaches designers a streamlined and strategic website design process as well as the design and development skills needed to create amazing custom websites using Webflow. 

design and grow with webflow course for website designers and developers to learn process and design and build for webflow
The Four Phases

of our signature Design + Grow Method

Kickoff Strategy

Every good website should start with strategy. In phase 1 we map out the purpose, plan and personality for a wildly successful website. We ask clients the right questions, we listen more than we speak, and we begin our process with our client's client top of mind.


The content of a website has to come first before the design. It's not just a bunch of photos, colors and words. The way you pull these together matters. In Phase 2 we assemble and pull together client content flawlessly.


Good design takes iteration. In phase 3 we create the website. We build on the previous phases by using tools like Figma and Webflow to design and build beautiful, powerful, and fully responsive websites using for clients.


Websites serve little purpose when not pushed out into the world. Make sure you do it right. In phase 4 we launch your Webflow websites with ease and set your clients up for success in the long run.

Each phase builds on the one before it and happens specifically in this order to ensure rock-solid results for both you and your future clients.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each module

I'm a firm believer that designers need both process and design skills... that’s why I teach them together from start to finish.
Module one

Devise a Master Plan

We teach websites based on strategy, so we start here. User experience and client centered design matter so you’ll learn how to get the most out of client strategy sessions. Spoiler: it’s actually all about your client’s client! 
Module Two

Establish Your Website Style System

We’re pulling #alltheinspo and devising a master system that you’ll come back to again and again for every client. You’ll learn how to stay organized, bank ideas and pull together the look and function for the entire website without the overwhelm.
Module three

Pull Brand Images & Copy Together

Content, it’s all about the content. You’ll learn how to gather it correctly, what to do with it, and what sizes, shape, and form it should be in. Then I’m handing over my OWN client swipe files full of copywriting docs, image templates and more!
Module four

Create Killer Layouts

Learn to design using sitemaps, wireframes, and mockups. Plus I’m giving you a PRE Designed 10 page gorgeous website mockup that we’ll build out together. LITERALLY everything handed over, copywriting, gorgeous edited images, all to eliminate your design fatigue and help you build like a pro!
Module five

Webflow Setup

Dive in with a complete intro to Webflow, I’ll guide you around the platform and show you how to make the most out of your new favorite design tool and it’s most popular features and assets. 
Module six

Build like a Pro

View the site ⟶
We’ll build a beautiful 10 page wedding planner website page by page, section by section. (Yep a full 10 page website!) You’ll learn my best tricks to save time, create consistency and build unique, high end websites that command attention and get you rockstar reviews! 
Module Seven

Webflow's Secret Sauce

You’ll master creative uses for Webflow’s CMS (content management system) as we build even more pages into this website. I’ll show you real world examples of some of Webflow’s top features in use and how you can use them too!
Module eight

Launch and Get Ready for Growth

We’ll tackle implementing SEO inside of Webflow and hand over a simple website launch plan for maximum client success. Your clients will swoon over their new editor and  launching websites will finally be relaxing for you, imagine that!
Let's make the most of it

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Let me tell you about Webflow

Before learning Webflow I was stuck in my comfort zone of using Squarespace and WordPress and drag and drop builders.  When I finally put in the time to learn all that Webflow had to offer it made my process come to life in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Things that used to take me hours and lots of coding in Squarespace and WordPress take me minutes in Webflow. With no limits to what I design.

Webflow brought the joy back to my web design and client work, and I happily switched my entire business over to only using Webflow.

Kelly Hoffman Student in Design and Grow with Webflow course for web designers learning webflow
Past Students

"WOW this course has such a wealth of knowledge!"

It's perfect whether you're experienced, just starting out as a web designer, or you just want to learn Webflow! I went into it only looking to learn Webflow, but came out with better processes, better design skills, AND adding builds in Webflow to my services! Jennifer is so knowledgable and really goes in depth to show her exact processes and strategies for her clients. The real gold of this course is the build section though - you build a complete website by following Jennifer's lead in the videos and she already has the website completely designed and the assets are handed to you so you ONLY have to focus on the build portion, instead of trying to be in design/creative mode at the same time! Seriously, such a good investment!

Kelly Hoffman

So what makes Webflow so special?

Webflow is a website building and hosting platform similar to others you may have heard of like WordPress or Squarespace or Wix. It's considered a low code tool as it writes all the code for you, without you having to know how to write it yourself!

But the big difference in Webflow vs other platforms is that we’re able to build anything we want, without knowing code, or being confined to blocks and widgets. Even for really complex websites!

With Webflow there’s no intimidating client dashboard or admin panel, you’re left with a super simple, clean, and easy to operate website. Which means, once we've finished making your website strategic and beautiful, you have FULL capability of updating information as needed.

How is Design + Grow with Webflow different from other courses and programs for website designers?

There are 3 key things that make Design + Grow with Webflow different

Small Group Support

I’ve bought and taken a lot of courses.  Plain and simple: the ones that had a coach or guide are the ones that helped me get the best results. 

Everyone loves to be supported and encouraged. Design + Grow with Webflow is exactly this.

In Design + Grow with Webflow you get access to our Facebook community where you can post as many questions as you like and get answers from me, my design assistant, and other designers who have been through the program and know Webflow and the Design + Grow Method.

Personalized answers and feedback on live calls

Each week during the live program you’ll be able to pre-submit your specific questions and get them answered by me on our calls. This is a great place for coaching as well! Want to know if something looks ok on your site, or if there’s a better way to do something? I’m all ears and eyes! 

Strategy and Beauty Combined

Most website courses go one of three ways. 

  1. They are solely design-based, no build. 
  2. They are solely technical, hook this up here, no layout or strategy talk at all. 
  3. Or, they are business and systems based, raise your prices, discovery calls etc. 

None of these are inherently wrong, they just don’t give the full picture

You have to understand that your clients need more than just a pretty website. They need a website that is strategic, well planned out, designed well for their clients and customers, looks great and the WINNER... is easy for them to edit small things when you are done.  

You can be confident that what I teach is from experience and that this program will teach you exactly what you need to know to start offering Webflow as a platform option in your now very strategic design business! 

This is a jam packed website process, planning, and design/build course. We cover a ton of stuff!

Brian Student in Design and Grow with Webflow course for web designers learning webflow
Past Students

"You will be very proud of what you have accomplished from taking this course."

I took another webflow course before in the past but this one actually really made me excited because it went through the entire web design process of Webflow from the baby stages to the completion. It really did open my eyes that I could use this to help my future clients. The biggest AHA moment was to actually see a concept turned into a full website on your screen. Everything matched well with the copy and the design layout itself. I just love how you really see everything and how it all fits together piece by piece into each other and how everything relates to one another... from the pre-written copy to the style guide and mock up, to the design and finally even the SEO.

Brian Bartels
This sounds great but...

How can I be sure this program is actually what I need?

I hear ya, so let's keep chatting about this.
Design + Grow with Webflow is going to be awesome if...

You’re excited about website design, but you’re not 100% confident in your web design skills (especially the building part)

OR  if you’re already a:

  • Branding Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • UX or UI Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Virtual Assistant

...and have clients asking you to build websites, and you're excited to add website design to the things you already offer.

Yes! I'm in!

Design + Grow with Webflow will be a great fit if...

  • You’re done feeling the tech hangovers and your inbox is full of the “your WordPress site needs updating” alert emails.
  • You’re already using platforms like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Elementor, or others, but you want to learn to use and master Webflow.
  • You’re sick of sifting through conflicting advice online, and just want to learn from a pro that knows what they’re doing.
  • You’re unsure of the exact steps you need to do for each client, and in what order.
  • You want to be able to do so much more than theme and template customizations, you want to build truly custom websites.
  • Your systems and processes are all over the place, making any size project feel disorganized and overwhelming to you and your clients.
  • Every time you research website platforms, you get stuck in this never ending debate of blogs and YouTube videos and still come out with no clear answers.
Jordyn Brulez Student in Design and Grow with Webflow course for web designers learning webflow
Past Students

"I highly recommend this course to anyone out there wanting to learn web design!"

This course is amazing! Jennifer is the best, so friendly and relatable. I came into this course with the background of WordPress site building and was excited to learn a new platform, Webflow, but I learned so much more than just a new platform to build sites on. I loved the way the video lessons were broken down. I learned how to craft out a process that works for myself and my business!

Jordyn Brulez
jennifer sanjines knoxville web designer teacher for webflow course
so who’s the teacher?

Hi I’m Jennifer Sanjines.
I’m a caffeine lovin’ mom who’s got a solid web design process and some sweet Webflow skills... and I’m ready to share it all with you!

except the caffeine... that's mine!

I mostly go by Jenn and Mommmmmmmmy. (You have to yell it like you're dying, pretty dramatic, with a high pitch voice from across the house to get the full effect 😉)

I’m the owner here at Site Maker Studio. I’ve been designing and building in some form or fashion my entire life.

I’m an architecture and interior design school graduate turned website designer.

The common thread?

Design isn’t just pretty, it’s about problem solving. 

It’s making the best use of a space (physical or online) for the people that will use it. Whether the thing you're making is a piece of furniture, a home, or a website, the process is actually surprisingly similar. 

For years now I’ve applied my design background to the web, where there are still constraints, people need to get from one place to another, and the look and feel of an online space can often be the difference in a successful or failed business. 

Over the years I’ve refined my client process and designed and developed using multiple website platforms. 

But when I started using Webflow I was hooked.

Now it’s all I use, and all I teach.

My peers call me the “left-brained creative” because they say I bring a technical, step by step approach to the normally more creative pieces of design. I’m also a mom of 4 so being organized and explaining things simply is kinda what I do all day.

We’ve all got something we can learn from each other. I’m looking forward to getting to know you more and seeing what you design and build next!

photo of a couch with computer sitting on it

Who’s going to be the best fit for this course?

you're likely one of these
new web designer
experienced web designer
wordpress designer
squarespace designer
graphic or brand designer
If I can do this, while homeschooling my kids, building a house, and working with clients, so can you!

after Design + Grow with Webflow you’ll be


Confident in what you can design, build, and deliver for your custom website clients.


Relieved to stop hitting update on all the WordPress plugins, and searching for CSS snippets to make your Squarespace websites work.


Excited to share your process with your potential clients on sales calls and confident that you always know the next step in the process for you both.


Launch strategic, beautiful custom websites that your client are willing to pay top dollar for.

jennifer working on a website from overhead view
Confession: I buy a lot of stuff online.

And I return stuff occasionally... but only if it's legit the wrong thing (or if my kids ordered it through Alexa without me knowing 😂)

Our Guarantee for Students

So here's how this works. We give every student a full 2 weeks to dive head first into the program. If you’ve truly worked through a chunk of the program and find it’s not what we promised, we're happy to return your investment. We're not going to make you turn in a bunch of worksheets (ain't got time for that!) But just ask that you give yourself a real honest chance to implement and work through it. The refund period expires 14 days from your date of purchase. We will not be able to accept any refund requests after that date.
This is a web design process and Webflow building course, please be sure you're excited about using Webflow before you jump in with us.

Ok this feels great, let's do it!

Frequently Asked Questions

let's put your mind at ease

“How is the course delivered? Videos, Workbooks, Margaritas poolside?” 

The program is delivered through video, teaching slides, workbooks, and over the shoulder video walkthroughs showing you and talking you through everything as we do it.

“When does it start? Right away or on a certain date?”

You can start the course TODAY. As soon as you sign up, you get full access to all the lessons and can go through that material as quickly (or slowly) as you'd like. We will post our live call dates in the course portal.

"Do you have a payment plan?”

Yes! You can pay in full, or you can make monthly payments. Click either button to enroll and you'll be taken to a checkout page with both options.

“do i need to know how to code?"

No. Webflow makes building a website easy even if you’re not techy. It was built for designers and non-coders.  

I crafted the Design + Grow with Webflow program with “pre-business Jenn” in mind. I had no code skills, I had never purchased a domain or opened photoshop, I was so lost and frustrated. I know that no other course breaks it down in the same way I do

To avoid design paralysis we’ve taken the guesswork out of the build for you. You'll get access to professional mock-ups, curated and edited images, plus an “as real as they get'' client to follow along with to build a 10 page website. All you have to focus on is practice and getting the skills and results of becoming a world-class website designer. I'll teach you how to customize everything about the project so it works perfectly for your portfolio - the design layout, fonts, colors, swap out photos, graphics and more!

“Will this program work if I already use WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc?”

Yes. You can use multiple platforms in your business. The process modules will help you no matter what you use. But, in order to go through the entire program from start to finish you’ll want to build along with me in Webflow. However, you can apply all of the principles and process pieces to any platform. I’m very familiar with other platforms and many of our students build in multiple platforms. They all say learning Webflow made their skills in other platforms even better! If you have any questions along the way while we build in Webflow about how this might translate to another platform I’m happy to help answer. Webflow is amazing for designers and clients, that’s why I’m teaching it to you!

"I saw webflow has tutorial videos, how is this different?"

They do! And they're amazing! The Webflow education team is top notch. Their videos are short and to the point for smaller features when you need to know how to do something. In contrast, in DGW we build out a very large custom website page by page and section by section, as well as go through the website design process from start to finish. This holistic approach is, to me, what makes them very different.

“What if I'm brand new, like I just started my Design business, no clients yet? Should I wait until I’ve got more experience?”

Please don’t! You’ll lose so much money and encounter so many headaches along the way. You can spend 2+ years putting in your time, competing with thousands of other freelancers, or you can position yourself as a PRO right from the start. But to do that, you need a plan, a process, and design/build skills. You need professional workflows. A beautiful portfolio piece or two. A business that’s pre-setup for taking on multiple clients at a time! And yes, you’ll learn all of that in DGW.

“my client wants to use a different platform, How do I convince them to use Webflow?”

The short answer, you don’t. And you shouldn’t ever 'convince' a client to use anything. I don't teach any kind of client manipulation and you might find that Webflow isn't a fit for every single inquiry you get. That's ok. You should, however, educate them on what’s best for them. This is covered in depth in the first few modules where we go over client planning sessions and website strategy.

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