Website Copy: Finding a Balance Between Too Little and Too Much

Before we talk about finding a balance of your potential clients saying “I need more info” vs “please stop with all the info” we need to determine the goals of each page of your website. 

Or, if you need, you can back up even further to decide what pages you actually need. Spoiler: just because everyone in your industry has a page for faq doesn’t mean you have to too. 

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Once each page has a goal, you can better decide what needs to go on it. Let’s face it, a page goal of “show off all the venue highlights” as a portfolio area is a really different goal than  “explain my 3 packages and get them to contact me.”

First let’s talk about what type of copy goes on each page 

Home Page

Your homepage is like an airport where you want to direct them to the right part of the rest of your website. There are lots of summaries and shorter pieces of text on this page. Let them know what you do, and how it can help make their lives better.

About Page

This page really is more about them than it is about you. Make it about them, about how you help them succeed. 

Services Page

Outline each of your services but not too many details, just the main benefits and a few features

Contact Page

Make a great use of your forms here, get the info you need and make sure to add extra touches like custom thank you messages

Portfolio Page

(yes copy goes here too)- this is such a missed opportunity by so many creatives. Use this space as a case study of sorts. Talk about the problems your clients faced and how you helped them overcome those challenges by the services you provide. 

These are the guidelines that we give our clients when they submit their website copy. 

Homepage limit to about 400 words

About Page limit to about 700 words

Services Page limit to about 600 words

Contact Page limit to about 250 words

Additional pages like portfolio limit to 500 words

*blog posts are always an exception to these guidelines

Reasons why you’d want to chill on the amount of copy you provide

  • it’s probably not your favorite or best area in your business
  • too many words does nothing but overwhelm your visitors
  • people want to conserve calories and not have to think too hard
  • don’t make them search too much for info that should be obvious
  • we want them to know you but they don’t need your life story, it’s about them

The exception to the rule: Sales Pages.

You still don’t need unnecessary copy here but these will be looooooong pages for sure. They have pretty specific formats and can really beef up once you have testimonials and as a program or offering grows. Still, don’t be afraid to hold the scalpel to your sales pages either.

The more straightforward and to the point you can be on every page of your website the better. Your potential clients will thank you.

If you're looking for a website designer but also need some help with your copywriting, don't worry, we've got you covered with our copywriting partners. Copy isn't our best area either, we LOVE it, but it's not what we do. We build amazing websites and we achieve that by starting with great copy. PS- hiring a copywriter can also look like having someone edit or spruce up your first draft, if you're nervous to write it all yourself, or if you're not wanting to pay to have it totally done for you.

Ask us about it and we'll let you know how we do it with our clients.

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