Webflow and the Wedding Industry? Why it's a Perfect Match

When it comes to building websites for the wedding industry, Showit and Squarespace are two popular platforms that typically come to mind for both web designers and clients. And while they are awesome platforms, many designers and wedding industry professionals don't realize that there is a truly customizable option that allows for total design freedom and simple client editing... Webflow.

So what sets Webflow apart? What features does it have that Showit and Squarespace don't?

Here are our top 5 reasons you might choose Webflow over Squarespace or Showit for your website if you're working in the wedding industry.

1. Webflow is truly customizable.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can build in Webflow. Showit definitely shines here too as it is also extremely customizable. Squarespace can be pretty customized but it involves a whole lot of coding. While some very rare things could require some code in Webflow, most things that require code in Squarespace can be built visually in Webflow.

At Site Maker Studio, design our website mockups in Figma before we build in Webflow. It is so freeing to design without having to think about what block, widget, module, or code would be needed to make it happen. We can design a site based on the end-user alone instead of pre-built blocks.

2. Webflow is truly the best when it comes to responsive design.

No other platform compares when it comes to designing for mobile and tablet. Webflow has up to four different breakpoints built in and allows you to create larger ones for more modern sized screens and large desktops. It allows you to see how your website will look on all the different popular devices. For example, when you are designing for mobile you can change the size to make sure it looks good on an older iPhone 6 and the newest 12 Pro Max version.

You can change the size of pretty much everything as you cascade down from desktop to tablet to mobile landscape and finally mobile vertical. Could an element use some more padding in tablet view than in desktop? No problem, you can even add more or take some away on mobile. You can even dictate things like how a photo will crop on mobile, change it's size and more.

Here is a great video from Webflow themselves so that you can see it in action.

3. Webflow allows you to build incredible animations.

While I'll admit that this is an area I could always learn more about, you can build truly custom animations that can take your site to the next level. So not just things like slide in or fade up, but truly whatever you can think up.

While animations that you might think of for tech websites won't fit those of you in the wedding industry, many softer more subtle animations would take your website from "good" to "client's knocking down your door good."

4. Webflow has the amazing ability to clone.

Webflow has this amazing feature that allows you to copy and paste pretty much everything from one site to another. So you can build yourself a library of commonly used sections, elements, and more and tweak them for each site.

Where this feature really shines is in the Showcase. This is where the ability to clone (copy and paste) meets the incredible Webflow community. Designers share their projects and many make them cloneable...for free. In fact, if you want to build something there's a good chance you could find something similar in the showcase. The showcase is truly a treasure trove of inspiration!

5. Webflow's client editor makes it almost impossible for a client to break their website when trying to change something.

I won't go into too much detail here because we have a whole blog on this that you can read here. But clients never have to go into the backend designer if they don't want to. Images and text can be edited right from the editor and blog posts, portfolios, and more can be added with ease. They literally see the live site and can type into the spaces they want to change, upload new photos and more.

There are even more Webflow features that I haven't touched on. It is truly one of a kind platform. If you want a Webflow beginner's guide get my Webflow Week One Guide for free here!

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