Why It’s Important To Speak The Right Language to Your Ideal Client

You Need To Be Speaking The Right Language to the Right People

One of the most important aspects of building a business is developing a deep understanding of your target market so you can speak their language in all your online and in person marketing efforts. When you can speak their language and connect with them on their dreams and fears, you show that you’re an expert in your niche, but more importantly, you’ll begin to build trust with them over time.

When you understand your Ideal Client’s language you’ll be able to:

Provide Better Explanations of the Problems They Face (that they might not even be aware of)

When you find the common language that you both use, and then identify the differences, you can use those differences to infiltrate the group so that you can better understand and repeat what their problems are that need to be solved. You can really get the feeling of the problem rather than just the mechanics of the problem.

Come up with Better Solutions to their Problems

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of your ideal client’s problems and how they express them through complaining or frustrations will also help you develop better solutions for the problems they have. Also pay attention to the things they ask for help with. Then ask yourself, why do they “really” want/need help with this? What’s the underlying problem.

Here’s an example: Ideal design client says “I want a more functional living room,” seems pretty straightforward of a problem. Digging deeper you might realize what they really mean is “I’ve got so many things that stress and pull me in every direction, I just want a space that doesn’t do that and add to my mental clutter."

Craft Effective Headlines that catch their attention

When you get to know more of the language they use, it can also be used for keywords. We’re not talking about using industry jargon keywords, but rather the way they think about a topic, and the words they use to express the issue, and the questions they would type into Google. Knowing this will help you craft more effective headlines that will help your audience find you, because you’ll be speaking in their searching terms.

Titles, similar to headlines, are an area where language matters. Titles for blog posts, pdf guides, services, and more all need to be descriptive enough to attract your ideal client and clear enough to “message match” so they’re not disappointed when they click through.

Market Better to Your Ideal Client

Additionally, you’ll be able to develop marketing materials that speak directly to your target client in a more efficient way. You’ll know just the right words to use to connect with them so that they trust you and are begging to have you help them find a solution.

Connect to Your Audience on a Deeper Level

When you’re speaking the same way your clients speak, and expressing feelings, desires, goals, and all those things in the same way you’re going to connect to your audience on a much deeper level. Think about the difference in saying to a client “I sure do understand what it’s like to want a beautiful kitchen” they’ll think “NO you don’t you’re a designer, you probably have a beautiful kitchen.” Instead, connecting with them on a deeper level might look like “It seems what you want is not just a beautiful kitchen but one that’s easy to clean up after kid meals, but nice enough to entertain your friends without the kids around.” Connection Made!

Tell More Stories that Connect

By understanding how your clients speak (both online and in person), and how they use words to express themselves it’ll help you tell more compelling stories that better connect with their fears and dreams. Stories help bring in the emotion needed to build trust. Even silly stories, or things that are minimal to you, might be just the connection point you need with your ideal clients. Think through things that have happened to you in the past and keep a document or note of them somewhere you can grab from easily when you need it for social media stories, copy on your website, or general marketing materials.

Increase Your Engagement and Book More Clients

When you can can nail that language your clients use you’re also going to engage with them more, and more engagement generally means that you’re going to book more of your services too. The more confident you are in how you speak to your prospects and about the services you provide, the more they’ll trust you and want to work with you.

When you take the time to learn your ideal client’s language you’ll also develop your expertise, build trust with them, and create a sense of community that will have a long lasting payout and create a more sustainable business in the long run.

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