Should you list your prices on your website?

Listing pricing on your website is a controversial topic. Lots of opinions, people seem to really hold to one side or the other. But for real, what should you do?

Here's my thoughts on pricing on your website.

Pros of listing pricing on your website.

Some of the pros of listing your price on your website is that it eliminates people who would not have the budget from taking up time on a calendar or call (assuming you do sales calls for your services)

  • Keeps you honest to your word 
  • you can’t get on a call with someone and change your mind to accommodate their situation
  • It can honestly help people to know what to plan for.
  • Many business owners have no idea what to plan for when it comes to something like a website. It can have so much variety from a 500 fiver job to a 10k website from an experienced designer that maybe offers things like copy as well
  • It can help frame the value of what you offer 
  • It can make things a no brainer when it comes to templates or other offers
  • Say you offer a 3k website package and a $300 template, and both prices are listed on your site, people will know pretty quick if they’re shopping on price which one they’d prefer
  • If you list it on a sales page it’s easier to change it in one place than having to update pricing guides and pdf docs and risk someone still having old pricing. 

Cons of listing pricing on your website.

Some of the cons of listing your price could make you miss out on potential income. If you're more in the camp of value based pricing, you miss the opportunity to hear what it might mean to them.

  • So someone who get’s one multi million dollar client from a website you design would likely be more willing to pay more because even a 10k website would way more than be worth the ROI for them. But a smaller business that say charges $800 for each of their services would need to book like 5-6 clients to get a decent website ROI. 
  • DO NOT decrease your prices just because someone reacts with you’re too expensive.

Here are some website design tips if you DO decide to list prices on your website.

  1. You can list it on your services page.
  2. You can do a starting at price (this is my favorite)
  3. You can put it on your contact form as a dropdown of “budget”
  4. You can have it as a hidden page for after they contact you
  5. You can set it up as an auto responder that goes out after a contact for

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