How to Help Your Client Decide What Pages Their Website Needs

You’ve booked a new website client (yay!), but how do you know what pages they need?

It’s tempting to just let them tell you what they think they need, but this is one place where you need to act as the expert that you are and help them work through some key questions that will identify exactly what they actually need.

Be their guide.

Here are three steps to take to do just that.

Step One - Identify their website goals

This step is the braindump phase. Have your client list anything and everything they think they want their site to accomplish. List all the things they want to communicate with their potential customers or clients. I teach this really in-depth inside of Design + Grow with Webflow, but this is a rundown of what we ask:

👉Do they want to come across as the most affordable option? The local choice? Is it important that everyone knows that they donate a portion of every sale to a charity that’s close to their heart?

👉What action do they want the visitor to take?

👉What do they want the visitor to take away from the site when they leave?

This is the step to get all their thoughts and ideas out of their head and onto paper.

Step Two - Refine the key goals

Now, looking at the list from step one, have them identify one or two main goals for their site.

Is the most important goal for the site that a potential client book a call? Or is it to buy a product?

If the visitor doesn’t take the goal action, what is the second goal? If they don’t buy a product right away, should they have at least signed up for a freebie offer?

Step Three - Choose pages based on those key goals

Let’s say, as an example, your client’s main goal is to have a visitor book a call. They also want them to view their services so they are familiar with their offerings.

What pages do you need for those goals?

You would need a contact page to book the call and a services page to view the services.

I know, you may be thinking Jenn, did we really have to go through that whole process to figure that out? Stick with me here.

Think about the “standard” website pages and what they may NOT need. Take a look at our portfolio if you want to see a few examples of websites that don't always have "all the standard pages".

Do they really need a separate about page, or will an about section on the home page be just fine?

There isn’t even a real rule that they need a standard home page. Maybe for a certain client, the services page can function as a home page.

The point is, that while a lot of sites are similar in what pages they need, each client is different. Going through these steps will help you be able to determine exactly which pages your client needs in their specific situation.

From those main goals, work your way through all the other pages/sections you think they may need.

Is a portfolio page going to help a visitor be more likely to book a call? There’s a good chance they want to see your client’s past work before taking the time to do a call.

If a certain “standard” page isn’t needed, don’t add it just for looks.

For example, not everyone wants to keep up with a blog. I have a lot of interior design clients who just don’t want to have a blog. So I don’t build them a blog!

Tips on those “maybe” pages

If a client isn’t sure if they want to blog or not, or if they don’t have any testimonials yet but they plan to put them on the site in the future, you can design a framework for that page but keep it hidden until they are ready for it. That way when they are ready you don’t have to start those pages from scratch. You can even have them ready to go so the client can just add the needed copy and publish it themselves.

Remember, you are the expert and guide when it comes to website design. That’s why your client hired you! So take the time to walk through these steps with them so the finished product is just what they need. Nothing more, nothing less.

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