Our client training process revealed

Are your clients struggling to take care of their website after you design it? We’ve come up with a solid training process over the years and our clients love it. We record short sets of videos for them to view later. Some of these we have “on hand” that are more generic such as adding an image, or changing text. Then we record videos specific to their website for any areas that might be more difficult to change out or have unique functionality. 

Here’s how you can implement this video client training process as well. 

Download Loom

We have a pro account with Loom. There are some business expenses I don’t love to pay for, this is not one of them. Worth every penny.

Sidebar: I also use Loom to record videos for our program Design + Grow with Webflow. It allows me to pause when my kid runs in the room screaming, or when I need to recollect my thoughts. It allows us to save time not having to edit videos either since I’m able to pause or trim out small bits.

I totally recommend the pro version, but you can do 5 min videos for FREE on their free account and most of these training videos should be 5 min or less.


If not loom, QuickTime or a free video screen capture will work too. You’ll just need to upload to an unlisted YouTube channel or Vimeo video hosting.

make videos for clients for easy training

First: Make a video list of all the things that are the same for each client.

  • How to edit text
  • Add spacers
  • Change an image
  • Add a page
  • Change page title
  • Edit contact form
  • Add a section
  • Change a background image
  • Add to a gallery
  • Add a blog post
  • Add images and change alt text

In Loom I make each platform a folder. I’ve accumulated and intentionally recorded these basic videos for the main platforms we work in. Although we’ve switched to mainly offering Webflow to clients now, it’s nice to have this arsenal for all of them.

using loom to record client training videos

Make each client a folder

I make each client a folder in Loom. I’ve also done this in Google drive and told them they had to download the videos by X date. If you’re using Youtube you could make a playlist.

Make copies or tag videos depending on the software and put all “standard” videos in that client-specific folder. 

So for example, if it’s a Webflow client we’ll duplicate videos from our “Webflow Videos” folder and move them to “Sylvia’s Training Folder”.

Now make a list of specific videos for that client’s website

This could be things like:

  • how to edit podcast show notes
  • a post that might be different than a normal blog post
  • Add photos to a slider
  • Change out FAQ items

TIP: Take into account questions they’ve asked or things that you did extra special for them like embedding a form. 

How will they change out that form if they need to?

Were they worried about how they’d add YouTube videos to their website?

Make videos for those!

Share the folder

Loom lets me have a unique link that I can direct straight to the folder. 

Google Drive lets you share the folder, and YouTube gives you a link to a playlist. 

I send this in an email alone so that they have it to reference later. They never need the videos right as you wrap up, it’s always months later so make sure they can get to them.

We’ve found that it’s fun to be kind and continue to add to it as they have questions. I opt for SHOWING them how to do something, instead of doing it for them, after launch so that we don’t enable them and make them dependent on us. 

If you have any kind of training or wrap-up process for clients that involves video I hope these tips and peek into our process has helped. 

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