meeting you feels like déjà vu...

You’ve got some crazy amazing design ideas

But you’re lacking confidence to physically build them out and bring them to life. You've thought about working with a developer but not quite sure you want to hand off half of your fees to one either.

I remember
the feeling

You’re tired of feeling like you need to learn to code to make these “drag and drop” platforms work.

What if there was a better way?

great news!

You can design what you love and what clients want to see without handing off to a developer or sticking to low prices.

I can teach you a simple process for designing and building webflow websites...

New Friend... Hey!

I’m Jennifer Sanjines. (cue the awkward look, it's ok I know it's hard to say, it's pronounced San-HE-ness 😉)

I mostly go by Jenn and Mommmmmmmmy. **You have to yell it like you're dying (pretty dramatic) with a high pitch voice from across the house to get the full effect 😉

I’m the owner here at Site Maker Studio.

I’m an architecture school graduate turned website designer and I’ve been designing and building in some form or fashion my entire life.

The common thread?

Design isn’t just pretty, it’s about problem solving. 

For years now I’ve applied my design background to the online world.
My peers call me the “left-brained creative” because they say I bring a technical, step by step approach to the normally more creative pieces of design. I’m also a mom of 4 so being organized and explaining things simply is kinda what I do all err day. #homeschoolmom

I'd be beyond blessed to get to know you more! Send me a DM and let's chat web design... or The Home Edit, your pick!

Hi, I'm Jennifer
I started my business
while in labor
currently reading
homeschool bravely
podcast on repeat
yay for business
hidden talent

Not exactly your typical web designer

my best friend
my husband
slightly obsessed with
the blacklist
the thing you’d never guess
certified scuba diver
my degree is in
interior design

here’s the thing

If I'm really being honest

I remember trying to design a website and not knowing exactly how things worked or what to ask clients. The idea of incorporating things like mockups and maintenance plans seemed like big agency talk that I wasn't wanting any part of.

But it doesn't have to look like that, you can have your own unique process, that fits your life, and build websites your clients will love.

I can’t wait to show you my process

no design degree required

I want to give you the tools to build better websites that clients pay more for and that don’t limit what you’re designing to blocks on your lack of CSS knowledge.

start the right way
gather all the parts
design +  build
mockup, design, develop
get ready for growth

Snag my web design process

Solid websites come from solid processes and well thought out designs. Get a jump start on your next project!

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