Your website should be your best marketing tool. Period.​

Is yours helping out or costing you clients?

"You had such a firm handshake"

My husband said that to me about the first interaction he ever had with me.
That's what he remembered! I made a good impression because I took my hand shaking seriously. That story still makes me laugh today when he tells it. But friends...

There is so much truth in that!

We miss that opportunity for hand shaking and mingling when we bring our businesses online. Your website, the way it looks, the things that make it user friendly, the words you say, THOSE are like your virtual handshake!

Let's firm that virtual handshake up and make your first impression online an unforgettable one!

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Welcome to Site Maker Studio

I'm Jennifer Sanjines

It's pronounced: San-he-ness (insert that famous firm handshake).
I'm here to help you get more clients and make sure your website looking amazing, so you can grow the business of your dreams.

I'm the owner and lead designer here at Site Maker Studio. I work with service based businesses and also teach website designers how to design high converting Webflow websites through my signature design process the Design + Grow Method.

A few fun surprises about me…

I’ve been designing and building for what seems like my entire life in some form or fashion. I drew floor plans all through school and landed at Tennessee’s college of architecture for a degree in interior design.

🏠 I'm a wife and Mom to 4 kiddos, 3 through international adoption, and one the "normal" way. My life is anything but normal, and I’m trying really hard to make Jesus famous in it all.

🔨 I build furniture as a hobby and my husband buys me a new power tool for my birthday every year.

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