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It's so nice to meet you

I’m a caffeine lovin’ mom of 4 who’s got a solid web design process and some sweet Webflow skills... and I’m ready to share it all with you!

Except the caffeine... that's mine!

I’m an architecture and interior design school graduate turned website designer and you want to know the common thread?

<text_caps>Design isn’t just pretty, it’s about problem solving.<text_caps> 

Great design is making the best use of a space (physical or online) for the people that will use it.

Over the years I’ve refined my unique client process and designed and developed websites using many different platforms. But when I started using Webflow I was hooked. Now it’s all I use, and all I teach.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer
did we just read your mind?

You've been eyeing Webflow but you're also sometimes prone to shiny objects...

so glad someone else struggles with this!

Webflow is amazing and you might be onto something... or you may be better off sticking to what you’re already using. Find out if Webflow might be a good fit for you AND your clients. Take a look at our Webflow Website Design course. We walk through the entire website design process from collecting content, working with clients and building a full website inside of Webflow.

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Grab our signature web design process guide for free. The Design + Grow Method

Phase 1: Web Strategy

Get clear on your goals for the website and really dig into who that end user is going to be.

Phase 2: Assemble Content

Pull all the content together. This includes images, branding, copywriting, fonts, textures and more.

Phase 3: Design + Create

We design wireframes first before moving to pixel perfect mockups, and then develop the entire website from head to toe using Webflow.

Phase 4: Launch + Grow

Client’s are setup for success because of your strategy work and can now enjoy a simple website editing experience.

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“You thought about EVERYTHING! You kept my client in mind the whole time and were able to think of things I never could have. My site is perfect and better than I could’ve ever expected.”

Mandy R.

But how do I get started?

This is the #1 question we get asked. Whether you're a web designer looking to learn Webflow, or a business owner ready to hand your website off to a pro, we’ve got some things to help.

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